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En finne har laget en puttespill som har blitt ganske populært iflg ham selv.

I recently made a putting game which was surprisingly well liked in the Finnish disc golf community, so i thought to share it here as well.
Basically it is an excel sheet where you input your results as you throw 100 putts from different distances, 5 discs per round.

Good things about it:

-you can track your putting skill progression as you save your scores
-it is not as monotonous as normal putting practice
-it is suitable for training alone or playing with friends
-you can see your putting percentage from certain distances
-you dont necessarily need a computer when putting, you can use pen & paper or a cell phone to keep score and input the data later.
-if you input your results directly to the excel-sheet, you can see estimates for your score and stats as you go.

The rules are simple although they might first seem complicated:

-Mark distances for 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 and 10 meters.
-First round is always from 10 meters. Throw 5 discs from there. Depending on how many of them went into the basket (regardless of the distance you threw them from), your tee changes as follows:

0: go to 5 meter tee
1: go to 6 meter tee
2: go to 7 meter tee
3: go to 8 meter tee
4: go to 9 meter tee
5: stay at 10 meter tee

-repeat 20 times.

You get 10 points for every disc you score from 10 meters, 7 points from 7 meters and so on. You really dont have to worry about this or calculate anything, because the chart will know where you are throwing (or SHOULD be throwing) and calculates everything automatically.

After 20 rounds you should have a line of numbers from zero to five. Enter these to "singleplayer" sheets cells B2:B21. After that copy your statistics from cells G2:G21 and paste their VALUES to drillstats sheets C2-cell. Next time to D2 and so on...

If your name is not Paul McBeth, your tee changes continuosly after every 5 discs. Advanced players rarely use the closest tees, but amateurs use at least the 6-10 tees quite evenly.

After few games you get some stats as follows:
-Rows 2-8 show your putting percentage from different distances
-Row 9 is your total points
-Rows 10-15 show how many points per disc you got from different distances.
-Rows 16-21 show how many discs you threw from different distances.
Column A shows you lifetime averages from all of these.

The maximum points you can achieve is 1000 pts. (requires all 100 putts to go in from 10 meters)
The world record at the moment is by our local putting hero Mr Tapani Aulu, 719 points.
Us normal humans get around 500 points and complete noobs about 200 points.

Gadd ikke teste det pga stats måtte føres inn i Excel og det virka litt pes, men må er det laget en snedig android-app-versjon! Skal teste det imorra.

Youtube preview: http://youtu.be/O-g4XuoVdsc

Downloadlink: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ae4y6j10xqbroyk/AAB1geRoNQoQiIzmK3AKmOmDa?dl=0

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